Spring clean your morning regime

How to ensure every school day starts in a more productive frame of mind.

Your personal productivity isn’t something that starts at the school gates. There is no ‘on’ switch to flick to put you in the right mindset for the day. Instead, productivity starts with how you sleep, how you wake and how you prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

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Studies show that when you start each day in the right way, the rest of the day is far more likely to fall into place. It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits, but you can break those habits - and lighter, brighter spring mornings are the perfect time to do it. That’s what our Productive Mornings guide is all about. It’s full of helpful, evidence-based tips to ensure you start each day better prepared for what lies ahead and end each day with more items ticked of your to-do list.

Amongst the tips and tools you’ll discover are:

  • The patterns that make you more productive
  • How to create to-do lists that actually get done
  • How to build momentum for long-lasting change

You’ll also find lots of simple changes you can make now to boost your early morning productivity, such as:

☐ Get up early, first time your alarm goes off - early risers enjoy less stress than their late-waking counterparts, and hitting snooze only disrupts that.

☐ Stick to the routine - Establish a set sleeping and waking schedule, going to bed and rising at the same times each night and morning.

☐ Have a plan for the day – starting the day with one means you’re far more likely to enjoy a productive day. Writing the list down (rather than keeping it in your head) enhances completion rates.

☐ Drink 2 glasses of water each morning before breakfast to help detox your body.

☐ Eat protein for breakfast – evidence suggests that eating protein in the morning leads you to consuming fewer calories throughout the day, which in turn prevents you from feeling sluggish, and helps boost your personal productivity.

☐ Tackle the biggest, most important task first thing each morning.

☐ Limit any distractions to all your senses.


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